Tomono Okawa


Spiritual Counselor

Tomono Ohkawa became aware of her spiritual abilities at a very early age when she suddenly found herself able to experience the world of the gods.
However, the high level of her abilities and the imbalanced nature of our world took a heavy toll on her physical health.
As a result she endured many out of body and near death experiences.

After many different experiences she became aware of her role and devoted herself to developing closer relations with the gods.
With the single goal of wanting to meet various gods she visited countless shrines until one day she finally met with and saw a god.

She has continued to work on her ability to communicate with the gods and is attempting to revive the relationship that exists between the gods and humans.
In particular she focuses on helping gods that are trapped in disused and neglected shrines.
She also works to help people with the troubled sprits of their ancestors or to improve their home environments.
With help from the gods she also provides treatment for people with physical and spiritual ailments.